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Behind The Booth - Thursday Tips

Congratulations on your engagement! Communication when planning your wedding should be a given. After all, how can you reasonably expect to plan your big day with your fiancé without communicating? Just remember communicating with your fiancé and those that are assisting in the planning is more than speaking; it's also about listening. Trust me, everyone (including your vendors) wants your wedding to be memorable; to be perfect, however in the pursuit of that desired outcome often we lose sight of what it takes to achieve that goal. Here is some insight that you may find helpful as you get ready for your wedding::

1. Talk to your fiancé. Don't assume that he/she knows exactly what your vision is for your wedding. When you share your vision, take time to ask him/her what their vision is and listen sincerely. If your fiancé is particularly not interested in the planning part, now may be the time to let them know that it will help reduce your stress levels, if they are involved, even if it is just a little.

2. Express your (unified) vision with those that will help you create your day. When people want to help you plan or create your wedding they oftentimes are going with what is in their minds. Tell them what your vision is and listen to their suggestions that they may offer and determine if there is a way compromise (if their suggestions are not in line with your vision). Just remember it is your wedding...not theirs.

3. Listen to your vendors! Most of the time your vendors have dealt with a wide variety of wedding goals. Once they know your goal and they offer advice that may either save you time, stress, or more importantly, money, take what advice they offer to heart, they almost always have your best interest in mind.

4. Your tone is very important. As the months turn into weeks, weeks turn into days, and days into hours before your wedding the stress level amongst all involved always rises. Especially when those pesky trivial things pop-up that almost always sends someone involved over the edge. When communicating with everyone leading up to your wedding make sure the tone of which you speak is as pleasant as can be. Now, I understand if something drastic happens days before your wedding you might not be able to control yourself and a blow-up would be warranted, but remember everyone truly does have your best interested at heart and to yell or berate someone because of that is not the way you want to remember your wedding. Also, when communicating via email, or text using a proper tone (caps vs. no caps) will make sure no one misinterprets your message.

Remember as with everything in life communication is vital to success as it is more than a one-way street. I hope this concise list helps you in some way as you are starting, halfway, or nearly done planning your wedding. If you have any questions do not hesitate to communicate with me, I am always eager to help!!

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