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Thursday Tip - Rethink Your Entrance

Thursday Tip For Your Wedding

As you get ready to walk down the aisle, how do you visualize your entrance? Are you walking alone, or with your father, brother, son, best friend, or another relative? What music is playing? Do you want every pair of eyes on you, or are you the type of person that is shy and would rather not be the center of attention? What kind of flowers are you holding? No matter what your answers the good news is that there is no wrong way to create your entrance based on your vision. Here are some things to consider:

1. Who walks you down the aisle is a matter of personal preference. While most people say it’s a foregone conclusion that the father always walks the bride down the aisle, that apparently is not still the case. You can even walk down the aisle by yourself. Personally, that is something that I have seen more and more. However, if there is someone that you have a special relationship with and want to include them at that moment, feel free to do it without worries of criticism.

2. The music selection does matter. If you are tired of “Here Comes The Bride” or any other type of traditional wedding music select a song that best relates to your vision. However, if you are getting married in a church make sure you ask if there are restrictions on the type of music that can be played. Some religious denominations have policies that state that only certain types of music can be played or performed, only music ministers from that church can play the music (for an additional fee), and even the sound system can exclusively be operated by someone from the church. If those are not of a concern because you are getting married in a non-denominational location, then select a song that will set the tone (pun intended) for your entrance. If you would like more information about song choices for your entrance just ask me.

3. No eyes on you. When the music starts, all eyes will be on you. However, if that makes you feel uneasy, why don’t you have something that might take a few of those eyes away. You can carry a bouquet that is either on the generous size or has brighter colors. People will be drawn to either the size or the bouquet of the colors not only as you walk down the aisle but throughout the ceremony. If the venue allows, you could also have your pet walk with you.

4. Where are you? Most entrances begin in the back, but once again that is not a strict rule. If you are in a church that can enter from the side, explore that option. That would give you an extra moment or two to settle into your walking pace as well as getting your nerves in check before you have to face everyone. If you want to have someone walk with you and they cannot walk long distances, it is also not unheard of to enter from the front (behind the minister).

5. Memorable. Talk to your venue to see if they are open to the type of entrance you envision. I have read about a bride riding in on her horse, then walking down the aisle. I have seen a Harley-Davidson entrance, which was incredible. If you genuinely want to do something out of the ordinary, check the venue, and then coordinate with everyone involved at that moment.

I hope that these tips will help you think or should I say rethink your entrance. What topics would you like for me to address? Leave me a comment, and always in you need anything just ask me here. Until next time, enjoy your wedding planning experience.

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