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Thursday Tip - Stress Relief

Thursday Tip – Stress Relief

The big day is finally here! All the planning is complete, and the rehearsal is done, it is showtime! However, as you sit amongst your family and friends getting ready thoughts of what-ifs creep into your mind. Panic starts to set it and next thing you know the happiest day of your life (up to this point) is a day filled with anxiety, until the final dance of the evening.

As a professional DJ & MC, I have seen more than my fair share of brides & grooms stressing out over little things that can quickly be dealt with so you can enjoy your big day! Enjoying your ceremony and reception without worry is my paramount responsibility as your DJ & MC. Truthfully, that should be the DJ’s primary responsibility. Yes, the DJ needs to play the right songs at the right time to create an atmosphere that is in alignment with your vision, but if you are stressed, worried, & distracted by things that are generally out of your control you are not going to enjoy your day truly. The good news is that the process to reduce your stress on your wedding day is easy. Even better, you do not have to be super organized either to make this happen.

Here are some suggestions I offer up to the couples I work with as they plan their wedding:

1. Use a planning form. I provide to my couples a unique planning form that covers all aspects of the ceremony as well as the reception. It also is put together in a logical flow from start to finish so the couple can think about the day and plan accordingly.

2. Contact information. While you probably have the contact information of your vendors, do your vendors have all the contact information as well? Personally, I make every attempt to contact all the vendors before the event. The more I know of the vendors, the better I can communicate and align the vision of my couples.

3. Use a buffer. I always recommend having someone be your buffer person (or point of contact) the day of your wedding. You could even have a bride buffer and a groom buffer in you choose, but one person who is trustworthy enough to assign that responsibility. They are the person who can be the point of contact between all vendors and the couple. So many people are going to want a “moment of your time” on your wedding day that you might feel like you do not have a second to breathe. The buffer can assist you by having answers to questions that vendors or guests may have, and from my perspective, this person is vital because they can help me keep the timeline intact, the wedding party organized and most importantly knows the whereabouts of the bride & groom always.

4. Just in case kit. Because you never know when something crazy may happen. Having a bag that includes assorted items to take care of minor issues such as a headache, a small tear in clothing, a tiny abrasion, blotting paper, and even a broken heel will put your mind at ease because you are prepared. This is also important for the buffer to know.

This is your day, and you should be able to enjoy it without worry. I hope these tips could let you put a plan into place to help reduce your stress. Remember these are just a few stress-reducing tips and if you would like to know more about how I can help reduce your stress on your wedding day contact me here. I’d love to hear more ideas to help minimize wedding day stress, so comment below. Until next time, enjoy your wedding planning process!

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